Irene Michaels' Secret to her Timeless Beauty

A fresh and lovely skin is what all ladies desire for. Who wouldn’t want to look elegantly splendor at the age of 60 even? And who would not love to catch all eyes even at 70? Well, if you think that this is impossible, then you just need to set your eyes on Irene Michaels.

Irene is an entertainment journalist and she has thoroughly enjoyed her journey through the years. She has reported constantly, every year from the most happening events in Hollywood. All of her reports are seen on I ON THE SCENE; a wonderful website that she has created. You will get all type of information on this website. From fashion to travelling and from various cultures to different cuisines; there is nothing that Irene has not got covered up for her audience. She manages to do all of this with maintaining her splendor in a way that no woman at the age of 70, has ever done.
It seems like she has a secret all to her own, right? But that is not the case. She has handed over all of the magic to the ladies out there, who are being bothered by their growing age. If anti-aging is becoming a nightmare for you, then it’s time to embrace the magic! I ON YOUTH is the beauty line of Irene Michaels, in which she has used her magical ingredients to treat you and your skin with the best ever anti-aging products.

The beauty line contains a serum (roll-on one; kudos to that), a color correcting brightening cream with 20 SPF, a gel cleanser and makeup removal wipes too. You are sure to get your skin type amongst these wonderful products which will setup the best ever makeup routine for you. Irene has shared it with us and this is exactly what makes her shine and glow in front of the camera, behind the camera and in her real life too.

The CC brightening cream has the ability to hide off all the marks and imperfections which affect your beauty. It comes with 20 SPF which makes it a great sun protector for you too. The roll on serum is a wonderful and must have thing in every girl’s beauty box. It acts like the best ever foundation base that you would ever ask for. However, Irene advices you to wear a great sunscreen before you apply the roll on serum. Moreover, the serum helps to keep your skin hydrated and soft too. If it is getting dry due to makeup, then you are probably not using the best products. The Roll On Serum from I ON YOUTH is definitely all you need to make your skin the best ever one.

So if you haven’t heard about this amazing anti-aging beauty line; it is now time to grab it! this is the best fixie for your skin problems and will make you look prettier than everybody else at the age of 70! 

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Recently I came across a product line called Isagenix. I tried the Isagenix IsaLean nutrional shake product on recommendation of a friend who has been using it for years. He said that it helped him loose a significant amount of weight over 6 months (27 pounds) and gave him noticeably more  energy and a much better sense of well being each day.

Having heard this kind of statement  made by countless other products, I was skeptical. I did however pickup a months supply of Isalean shakes from Isagenix and began taking it each day. 

After fours days I noticed a difference. After two weeks I feel better than I have felt in years. Suffering from prostate cancer and other more general life difficulties, my mild depression also melted away. Confidence was up and life felt much better waking up each morning.... and no more afternoon catnaps.

Isagenix also offers an MLM sales system that is better than most I've seen. I never liked MLMs because I was never good at direct sales. This product line sells itself. When you tell people what it has done for you, it's easy to sell because they will probably be asking you. Just tell your story, and believe me, after trying IsaLean you will most likely have one to tell.

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I On Youth Collection by Irene Michaels Roll-On Serum
Your body is your temple and your skin is the guardian of this temple. Therefore, it is very important that you take care of your skin. Skin is sensitive and strong, both at the same time. Your skin is strong because it protects your entire body from the harmful external factors as well as your organs and sensitive because if it is not taken care of properly, it can be harmed very easily. Your skin is like a protective shell or layer that ensures that everything inside your body stays intact. Apart from this, your skin is also the covering that is most visible. Therefore, if your skin is not taken care of properly and is not in its best form, your whole personality will be affected. Thus, it is very important to take care of your skin, no matter what. Luckily, there are various amazing products out there to help you achieve this goal. These products are in form of creams, lotions, ointments, powders, and serums etc. that ensure that your skin is taken care of in the best possible manner. 

 However, there is also an equal – if not more – amount of skincare products that are not reliable enough and can even be harmful for your skin. In the midst of all this confusion, I On Youth Collection by Irene Michaels offers amazing, effective and safe skincare products. I On Youth Collection is an initiative by Irene Michaels who is an entertainment journalist and has worked for many years on and off camera in the glamor industry. This initiative is an attempt by her to bring all her experiences related to beauty and fashion on a single platform. She is not a new name to the industry. She has worked with big names and celebrities and has a rich experience based on many years to facilitate this initiative.
The most popular product by I On Youth Collection by Irene Michaels is the Roll-On Serum – hyaluronic acid.  This miracle skincare product is a brightening CC cream with a SPF 20. Apart from this, I On Youth Collection by Irene Michaels Roll-On Serum is free of paraben. This means that it is absolutely safe for any skin type and consists of no harmful chemicals and preservatives. This eye roll serum is a perfect skincare product for anyone who does not want to harm their skin by harsh chemicals. 

Your eyes are the parts of your body that are said to be the windows to the soul. This means that it is important that your eyes are kept beautiful and young for your entire face to look young and beautiful. Irene Michaels fully understands this point and therefore, she has created I On Youth Collection by Irene Michaels Roll-On Serum. This is an eye brightening cream that is tested and approved dermatologically. It moisturizes your skin and eliminates the signs of ages from your eye region. I On Youth Collection by Irene Michaels Roll-On Serum is an effective skincare solution for younger looking eyes and ultimately, a younger looking face. 
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Basically, they provide effective and safe treatment for leg ulcers including diabetic foot ulcers, for vaginal yeast infection and bacterial vaginosis, and for herpes.

Their main expertise consists in manipulating the microenvironment of tissues, which means that they are able to restore the physiological status and create an environment in which certain virus and bacteria cannot prosper (e.g. humans cannot survive without water or oxygen) and possible without using established antimicrobial and antiviral agents, which is supported by extensive research and studies.


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Staying Young at Any Age

In a recent article for Huffington Post, Irene Michaels explains the secrets to her continued success in the world of fashion and entertainment at the beautiful young age of… 70! Michaels is an unstoppable force that has managed to defy beauty standards and is unwilling to put a stop to her dreams and passions because of a silly thing as age.

An actress, journalist, entrepreneur, singer, accomplished equestrian, and muse to many, Michaels began her career as a model and dancer, opening her own studio - Show Time - before the age of 20, quickly establishing herself as a leader of fashion shows. As both her modeling and acting careers flourished, it was in the 90s, while doing film and theater, that she landed a recurring role on General Hospital.

Eventually, she’d turn the opportunity into learning about the other side of the camera and creating the company Behind The Scenes, which focused on producing promotional events. In 2004, Michaels decided to extend her entrepreneurial endeavors and formed IMA Contractors, a specialty firm that rehabs vintage Gold Coast homes.

As she continues to manage her businesses, while jet-setting across the world for modeling and journalism opportunities, Michaels got her hands into one more artistic outlet - social media. I On The Scene was created as a culture and society digital magazine publishing interviews, reviews and content featuring artists in the music, fashion and entertainment. Whether reporting from the red carpet at The Oscars or Golden Globes, or heading to some of the biggest polo matches in the world, Michaels “eye” on all things current, keeps her magazine fresh, relevant and on top of all things cool.

Of course, someone like Michaels would never be satisfied with all that she’s doing so in addition to reporting for I On The Scene, she is also a featured contributor to Huffington Post's’ Post 50 section, covering general life topics like health, beauty and end-of-life care issues, as well as having a secondary series in their Life Style section titled, I On Exceptional Living.

Speaking of exceptional living, this powerhouse symbolizes the strength and commitment to not giving up, not giving in and keeping that zest for being in the moment. Thanks to her success she has also been able to contribute regularly to non-profit organizations and local charities, while using her influence to bring attention to all the great work they do. Her affiliations run the gamut from PAWS to the Better Boys Foundations to the Theater School of DePaul.

With a fierce focus on living life to the fullest, Michaels most recent endeavor is her luxury skincare and beauty line. The I On Youth Collection focuses on anti-aging beauty and includes a roll-on serum for eyes, a brightening CC cream, make-up remover wipes, and a gel cream cleanser. Check out the age-defying beauty line here:

If you want to be more like Michaels, with that insatiable joy de vivre, make sure to follow her adventures online at I On The Scene, Twitter and Facebook. We promise you’ll never be bored.